Revealing the true cost of a parent


uSwitch challenged MHP to devise a campaign to show the depth of uSwitch’s insight into UK consumer and household finance and position it as a go-to expert on money matters.


MHP selected elderly care as the focus of the campaign: a universally relatable issue. Our approach was to flip the standard story on its head and use our care crisis to highlight the rising costs of looking after our parents; costs which now exceed that of bringing up a child.


MHP commissioned research into the understanding of and preparedness for care costs, with startling insight. We packaged it up alongside supportive comment from Age UK, a strong call to action around having the ‘care conversation’ and a range of case studies.


Secured the top Sky Sunrise slot for uSwitch’s money expert and six in-depth pieces of national coverage in key titles, print and online. All coverage explored the research in detail, positioning uSwitch as a trusted voice in a conversation on a key social issue.