Cancer diagnosis has fallen by 40% during the coronavirus pandemic and cancer care continues to be disrupted. A fear of healthcare settings has emerged. A far reaching, profoundly clear, cross cutting global campaign was needed to encourage people to return to the health systems that protect them.

Since June 2020, we have been working with AstraZeneca sharing perspectives on the longer-term impact of the pandemic on the experience and outcomes of people with cancer. Collectively, we identified an urgent and global need to encourage people with cancer to return to cancer care services or act on their concerns by contacting their doctor and getting checked. Our response was to co-create this important and timely campaign: New Normal, Same Cancer.

We may be living in a New Normal, but the Same Cancer continues to be a global threat. It has not gone away.

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Passions and influencers spread ideas

Recognising that a campaign was needed to engage at scale and communicate a global issue, it was paramount to co-create New Normal Same Cancer with Patient Advocacy Groups whose prominence and influence would reach audiences far more effectively. Their input and insight helped shape the communications, content and assets we created to ensure they could flex to country-specific messages.


To illustrate cancer continues to be a global threat we developed a campaign platform using pandemic-related phrases and vernacular that has now become part of the everyday language.

It was a  simple, impactful and memorable phrase that could translate across mediums – and countries.

Siting at the heart of the campaign was a hero film illustrating ‘new normal’ scenes people can relate to juxtaposed with the same scenes portraying those affected by cancer. The film was edited into social media content and translated to static visuals for multi-channel use. To ‘glue’ the campaign together and ensure consistent global rollout, we developed a visual toolkit and  translated assets.


New Normal, Same Cancer is a powerful example of collaboration between the patient advocacy community and industry.

The New Normal, Same Cancer core campaign message: Don’t Wait, Contact your Doctor, Get Checked has had an estimated reach of over 1 billion globally* 

*collated metric, including media impressions, social media impressions and impressions from outdoor marketing activations (billboards, posters etc.)

The campaign has rolled out in 44 markets from  Australia to Argentina, The Philippines to Saudi Arabia, the UK to the Caribbean.

To date AstraZeneca has partnered with 128 global and local organisations.

Our creative assets have featured across earned, owned, paid and shared channels including US television and Russian billboards and in grocery stores across The Netherlands.

The hero video has had 745k views on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.