The brief

Air pollution is an ‘unseen killer’; our research showed that 63% of people are ignoring the issue because they can’t see it, despite it contributing to 1/20 deaths and being a significant public health priority in the UK.

E.ON wanted to show how everyone can play an important part in helping to tackle the crisis, as well as raising awareness of the firm’s clean air platform and its commitment to 100% renewably sourced electricity.

What we did

We built LUNGS – a giant ‘living and breathing’ installation that tracks pollutants – to make a statement that no one could ignore: when live air pollution data surpasses limits set by the WHO, LUNGS filled with coloured smokes to represent the pollutants.

We backed this up with It’s Time to Clear The Air – a whitepaper printed on pollution eating titanium dioxide that set out E.ON’s vision for cleaner air across the UK – bringing together E.ON expertise, solutions for homes, businesses and communities, best practice from across the world, and the firm’s ‘asks’ of government.

The unveiling coincided with Global Climate Strike week, and London’s ‘Car-free Day’ – its timing and placement outside the London Mayor’s office designed to generate maximum interest.



The activation made the invisible visible and prompted people to think about the impact of air pollution on their own bodies


The Gigantic lungs created a stark & visceral way to connect with the issue


We partnered with UNESCO to develop educational tools for kids to make a difference in their local areas


We placed E.ON at the forefront of the clean air conversation. 71% of consumers now view E.ON in a positive light (up from 40%), and EON’s online sales rose 56%.

The audience agreement that EON cares about the environment increased by 83%, and the campaign led to a 119% increase in consumers agreeing that EON is committed to tackling air pollution specifically.

LUNGS secured 54 pieces of coverage, with a combined circulation of 205m.

EON’s website traffic increased by 200%.