The GT2 was Huawei’s biggest play in the fastgrowth wearables space but they were up against established market leaders Apple and Samsung. Rather than trying to fight these incumbents on design or tech, we focused on a different aspect of the product’s performance – its waterproof engineering – and focused on the endurance sport demographic.

To demonstrate the GT2’s waterproof credentials we created a Dive Thru underwater shop in London’s Royal Victoria Docks. Consumers could get a watch for free, but they had to dive in to collect it.

Rules of

in Action

Rule One

Who you are is as important as what you do

Dive thru wasn’t really about celebrating the GT2’s features, it was about aligning with a growing tribe of triathletes and open water swimmers.

Rule Two

Passions and influencers spread ideas

We worked Olympic gold medallist Greg Rutherford, who swapped long-jump for deep diving and spoke about his journey, to boost conversation around the brand.


We created an underwater shop front and pre-promoted the launch to key audiences through a targeted digital teaser campaign. To boost the sense of anticipation around the product we created queues round the block and embedded tech, consumer and lifestyle media in the event.


  • The campaign delivered coverage reach of 287m and influencer reach of 15m.
  • Huawei increased share of voice in the renewables space by 11%.
  • The GT2 sold out at launch.