The brief 

With excess air and heat building up deep below city streets, which eventually would have a detrimental effect on the environment, E.ON made a £4m investment to install one of the UK’s largest zero-carbon heating and cooling heat pumps underneath the City of London to put this excess oxygen to good use. 

But, with London Climate Action Week on the horizon and every brand vying for the same space to discuss their sustainable solutions, how do you raise awareness of the importance of this technology and why buildings need to implement such new tactics?

We needed to demonstrate E.ON’s work to consumers by taking what was being installed 200m below ground and installing a physical representation above ground in an attention grabbing way, while also appealing to a corporate audience and showcasing E.ON to other businesses as a pioneer in sustainable solutions.

What we did

The heat pump installation was an incredibly impressive, sustainable solution, but for the everyday consumer it’s quite difficult to understand the true benefit of this type of technology. We needed to explain what this new heat pump would achieve, but it was being built 200 metres deep underground.

Introducing: Cooling the capital, our 16-foot-tall ice sculpture that represented London frozen in time. Weighing in at just over 20 tonnes and taller and wider than a typical double decker bus, our Cooling the capital structure featured five key London landmarks made completely out of ice. Ice versions of The Shard, Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Gherkin and the London Eye sat on top of a large network of pipes all burrowing their way down below to a large, icey fan, which symbolised the extensive heat pump technology and heat network.

With a drainage system included in our plinth that the structure was installed on, as the ice was heated by the summer weather the structure simply began to melt away – making sure no materials used were wasted and the full experience was fully sustainable. 

As an integrated campaign, the launch was paired with executive profiling engagements for E.ON’s Chief Executive Michael Lewis, who undertook a series of broadcast interviews on the need for greater investment in low-carbon infrastructure across the UK.



Creating a tangible, physical, eye-catching object for passers by to interact with and learn from (thanks to the supporting educational info positioned nearby the sculpture).


The unveiling of our giant sculpture right in the heart of the City of London that represented the incredible developments in sustainable cooling and heating technology that businesses could have installed.


Conveying to consumers the enormous efforts undertaken by E.ON to reach net zero targets.


40 pieces of coverage in 24 hours including 7 national hits and 3 broadcast interviews for our CEO, Mike Lewis all with 100% positive sentiment, which showcased E.ON as a key sustainable solutions provider for businesses and consumers.

Through post-campaign analysis we found that:

  • 64% now viewed E.ON as an innovative business compared to 26% pre-campaign, while 45% of consumers now agreed that E.ON was a business encouraging customers to take on more sustainable living habits. An increase from 39%.
  • 70% now understood that E.ON provides energy-efficient solutions increased from 30% and 35% of our consumer pool would now consider switching to E.ON as their provider.