The brief 

As part of its 90th bday celebrations, LEGO partnered with Comic Relief to support its Red Nose Day fundraising appeal. In addition to schools activity, we needed to find a way to earn mass attention for the partnership and drive donations.

What we did 

The key to a good Comic Relief fundraiser has always been getting the right balance of comedy, agony and endurance. We needed to make people laugh, smile, or wince in recognition. And when it came to developing a distinctly LEGO approach there was one insight that reigned supreme, that ALL parents could relate to: the mind-boggling horror of stepping, barefoot on a mislaid brick.  Enter the LEGO Brick Walk. 

The LEGO Brick Walk saw mum of two and former ‘Queen of the Jungle’ Jacqueline Jossa take on her toughest challenge yet: walking barefoot over 30,000 LEGO bricks, in front of amused commuters to raise money for Comic Relief. 

The simple, yet highly effective stunt captured national media attention in an extremely challenging news environment – from showbiz pages on the Sun and Mirror, to a standalone dedicated piece on Metro, and even landing half a page in the Telegraph. 

It sat alongside a Schools activity pack, created in partnership with LEGO play agents to challenge kids to use their creative problem-solving skills to create habitats for this year’s animal-themed Red Noses. Via short videos and classroom worksheets, primary school kids were encouraged to create a range of animal habits from rainforests and rivers to the African Savanna, continuing the LEGO group’s mission to inspire learning through play.



The idea spoke directly to the personal experience of all parents/housemates of LEGO lovers, tapping into one of the most memed parenting moments of all time


A counterintuitive idea that leveraged Comic Relief’s ‘funny is power’ position to do something unexpected for the LEGO brand


Depending on your personal experience, this was an idea designed to make anyone who saw it laugh, smile, or wince in recognition 


  • 47 pieces of coverage, including 6 Nationals, 83% of which included a link to the donation page 
  • Over 1.48bn total reach of coverage
  • 36K organic views across Brick Walk and Schools content 
  • 106k visits to LEGO page on school content 
  • 5k downloads of schools factsheet downloads (+21% on 2021)
  • £ raised for Red Nose Day via the dedicated LEGO page on the Comic Relief website