The brief 

Black Friday is a key commercial period for Three. There is a fight for space about who has the best deal, and for many media (and consumers) they are bombarded and disinterested in the deals on offer. 

Therefore, we needed to do something different that engaged consumers and put Three at front of mind when they were thinking about purchasing on Black Friday.

What we did 

We tapped into a consumer truth that Brits struggle to part ways with their old mobile phone boxes. In fact, we commissioned research that highlighted that 90% of Brits hang on to this packaging for three months or more. 

So, with Black Friday being one of the most popular days for mobile phone purchases, we wanted to inspire the nation to do something interesting and creative with their unused packaging. 

We worked with Ricky Wilson, Kaiser Chiefs front man and presenter of CBBC art show Art Jam, as well as two other renowned paper artists to transform old mobile phone packaging into beautiful, stand-out paper sculptures.



We tapped into research showing that 90% of Brits keep their old phone boxes, with over half admitting they’d considered creatively repurposing them


Although our campaign tied into Black Friday and shopping habits, it was a completely different take to the competition, which made it stand out to media 


Artists were tasked to create artwork inspired by what mobile connectivity means to them, so Ricky recreated his dog who regularly features on his Instagram.


  • 48 pieces of coverage 
  • Seven pieces of national coverage 
  • The campaign led to Three having the biggest share of voice during the Black Friday sales period against competitors