On Message: Vlogger, coder or editor – who will dominate UK media?


The media landscape has undergone rapid change in the last few years, with an increasing number of people, particularly millennials, consuming news in a vastly different way to previous generations. In the latest episode of MHP’s On Message podcast, host Adam Batstone is joined by Keith Gladdis, Camilla Mankabady and Tom Hale to discuss how the media landscape is changing, and what those changes mean for businesses, individuals and organisations who need to make their voices heard.

In this episode of On Message

The panel discusses the changing media landscape, how news consumers have shaped this recent change and how journalists are responding to it.

We are frequently told that newspaper circulation is in continued decline, and the numbers confirm this, but does this mean their influence is waning? For example could The Sun ever repeat is notorious 1992 headline  ‘It was The Sun wot won it’ after an election campaign?

We look at the growing importance of newspaper’s online platforms, and how the role of the journalist is changing to match the reading habits of today’s audience

The rise of a host of vloggers and bloggers to star status, particularly with younger audiences, means brands, corporations and governments are changing the focus of their communications activity. The panelists consider the value of engaging with the new generation of media influencers.

The growth of non-standard journalism may have contributed to the plethora of fake news stories. The panel discuss how established journalists can expose fake news and become a trusted source for a reputable titles.

Finally, the team will discuss who will be the most significant media influencers in the future? Will it be a traditional newspaper editor like the Daily Mail’s Paul Dacre, a vlogger like PewDiePie or the anonymous coder writing Google’s search algorithm?


  • MHP Director, Keith Gladdis, recently joined MHP from The Daily Mail, where he was Executive News Editor. Previous roles have included Northern News Editor and Whitehall Editor at News of the World.
  • Camilla Mankabady, ITV News at Ten programme editor, former BBC news programme editor and a judge of MHP Communications’ Young Journalist Awards.
  • Tom Hale, Financial Times reporter, specialist in markets coverage and recent Gold Winner of MHP Young Journalist Awards: 30 To Watch


  • MHP Director, Adam Batstone has a 25-year journalistic career covering newspapers, radio, TV and most recently the BBC News website. He joined MHP with a brief to use his extensive editorial experience to help clients frame their messages in a way which would have maximum impact for both traditional and new media channels.


On Message is produced by Tom Gillingham and edited by Nick Carter of Mixsonix Audio Production

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