Trending in Social: Campaign launches everywhere

Katie Aldridge

MHP’s Digital Account Manager, Katie Aldridge, shares her favourite news in the world of social and dives into the latest campaigns she has been loving

It’s been such an interesting time to be a creative, not getting out of your house much is hardly a driver of inspiration and for some time it seemed like many brands used the same approach to their advertising – as I noted inĀ this tweet. However, it seems like many brands are now emerging with an approach to this situation that is much more personal and representative of their brand values.

Oreo’s, The Playful Network

What I love about the new Oreo campaign is that it transcends different industries. It moves away from Oreo’s approach to always target children. Instead they celebrate the one thing we have all learned this year, that we have a strong connection with those that we love and Oreo claim they can bring this – better than any telco company!

Ford’s, Let’s Face the Change

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had to face a lot of challenges this year, most of which we could never have seen coming. What I love about Ford’s latest advert is that they want to remind us that, while we may not succeed with every challenge, if we don’t even try then we don’t even have the opportunity to succeed. Probably a message we all need to remember now that we’re 6 months into a pandemic!

Bringing it all back to that original message about creativity, for some of us it might be lacking as we face ‘pandemic fatigue’, but for McDonald’s it has given them the time to develop their latest OOH advertising. The thing that I love about this, is that even their food is recognisable enough that they don’t need to include their logo. But, the advertisements themselves have giant bites taken out of them. Not even being one to eat a lot of fast food, I can see how this ad would make you head towards your closest McDonald’s even subconsciously. What’s even better, is that they are so simple, showing that creativity doesn’t need to be complicated.


There you have it, my first instalment of ‘trending in social’, hardly groundbreaking, but it might help you to have some highlights from the week in one place. I think the main takeaway from this week, is keep it simple. Creativity doesn’t have to be complicated, but keeping it simple and to the brand values is always going to resonate best with your audience.