Thought Leadership

The Download: Matt Hancock

Pete Digger and Robert Ede

A dynamic digital disruptor or an over-ambitious Osborne acolyte? Views on the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care are divided.

But make no mistake: his arrival is a significant moment, and follows a period of relative stability in policymaking, in part thanks to the five-year relationship established between Simon Stevens and Jeremy Hunt. Many commentators are now examining Hancock’s past voting record and previous speeches, in an attempt to decipher his views on health, and predict where the changes might come.

Hancock inherits plenty of challenges from his predecessor. Running this Department – the unofficial fifth Great Office of State – is a serious job. From securing long-term funding for social care to addressing workforce pressures, the brief is vast and the answers rarely obvious. Drawing inspiration from his love of technology, the MHP team has helpfully set out some applications to guide Hancock through his immediate in-tray.

The Download: Matt Hancock