• New normal, reshaped NHS

    Miles Watson, Laura Cook, Clara McDermott Simarro, Jessica Lewington, Ibrahim Zafar, Kacey Cogle and Madeleine Harris Smith

  • COVID-19 vs The World

    Isabelle Scali

  • MHP Health boosts senior team with hires from BCW, Incisive and ViiV

  • What lessons can the NHS learn from COVID-19?

    Maddy Farnworth

  • Age of Advocacy: The Importance of the Patient Voice in the Networked Age

  • Trading Places: how has COVID changed the narrative around the biggest NHS clinical priorities?

  • Dismantling Public Health England may exacerbate the already significant health inequalities in England

    Clara McDermott Simarro

  • To share or not to share – what impact has COVID-19 had on the public’s health data-sharing concerns?

  • The end of DFID as we know it?

    Julie Henri and Ibrahim Zafar

  • Yes COVID-19 has accelerated innovation, but patients must now be heard in its adoption

    Rachel Power, Chief Executive, Patients Association

  • Locking in health gains post-COVID

    Philippa Brice and Charlotte Moss

  • It’s time to change the conversation

    Arabella Moore

  • My Nightingale Experience

    Laura Williams

  • Dark clouds on the horizon?

    Mark Dayan and Matthew Elliott

  • The pandemic has shown UK science at its best, but challenges loom on the horizon

    Jane Hughes

  • Getting the NHS back on its feet – redrafting the social contract

    Miles Watson

  • MHP Health Strengthens Patient Advocacy Team

  • MHP Health: Innovation Inspiration

  • COVID-19: The Disunited Kingdom

    Vashti Miller and Frances Neilson

  • Despite COVID, we should remain cautiously optimistic about ICS rollout

    William Pett

  • World Immunisation Week

    Arabella Moore and Leith Greenslade

  • COVID-19 disproportionately effects BAME individuals, will they be proportionally represented in clinical trials?

    Annette Jack

  • The New Age of Advocacy

    Jonathon Sheppard, Jonathan Blades, Michael Connellan and Alison Dunlop

  • Nightingale hospitals; an agile future for the NHS?

    Ben Jones

  • Kicking open the digital front door of the NHS

    Ben Davison and Suzy Foster

  • Inside the communications around COVID

    Joseph Marks and Denis Campbell

  • A NICE transformation?

    Nicola Boyd

  • How Can Industry Help Patient Groups Survive An Unprecedented Threat?

    Jonathon Sheppard and Alison Dunlop

  • Every Breath Counts Campaign

  • Bridging the gap – gender as a barrier to health awareness campaigns

    Rebecca Lawes and Vashti Miller

  • Digitalising the Doctors orders

    Laura Williams

  • With a little more kindness

    Madeleine Harris Smith

  • An audience with the Prime Minister to mark Twenty years of World Cancer Day

    Nicola Boyd

  • Ones to watch: Healthcare champions in the new Parliament

    Gabriel Gavin

  • Mental health ‘at risk of being crowded out’ during election debate

    Paul Burstow, Senior Adviser

  • How do we make disruptors less disruptive?

    Madeleine Harris Smith

  • When it comes to the NHS, why is ‘private’ still such a dirty word?

    Kate Pogson

  • By 2030, pneumonia will kill 11 million more children unless the world takes decisive action now

    Arabella Moore

  • MHP Health Team Win PRCA Party Conference Fringe Event of the Year Award

  • MHP Health Team Win Coveted PharmaTimes ‘NHS Communications Team of the Year’ Award

  • Who will regulate the future of Artificial Intelligence?

    Rachel Rowson

  • On Message: Health, social care and the NHS at tipping point

  • On Message: ‘Awkward conversations’ Talking FemTech to investors, media and consumers

    Madeleine Harris Smith

  • Gender imbalance; a threat to humanity?

    Madeleine Harris Smith

  • Roche

    Opening a topical debate to global audiences

  • MHP Briefing – Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View


  • Who’s solving the social care crisis?

    Annette Jack

  • Big data: Healthcare’s friend or foe?

    William Pett

  • The starting pistol and the loaded gun: Next steps for STPs

    Rachel Ross