How MHP Mischief Deliver Return on Influence with Every Campaign

Our services in the influencer space

In the era of the Attention Rebellion, there is perhaps no place where our time is more contested than in the world of influencer marketing. In these hectic, ever changing social media spaces, brands are vying for a few seconds of time with their intended audiences. 

But it’s hard to stand out, cut-through and get noticed. 

There are 1.9bn daily active Instagram users in the world, TikTok is the world’s most downloaded app, the world watches 1bn hours of YouTube videos per day and – according to our own research – 71% of British people spend between one and five hours a day on social media platforms where influencers post content. 

That’s where MHP Mischief steps in with solutions. Find out more about how we deliver return on influence with every campaign – click below to download.