MHP Mischief Patient Voice Panel

Alison Dunlop, Senior Director, Patient Advocacy, highlights some of the key findings from MHP Mischief’s recent Patient Voice Panel regarding the Government’s Elective Recovery Plan to tackle the greatest backlog in NHS history

What is the Patient Voice Panel?


The Patient Voice Panel consists of patients and carers from diverse backgrounds, living with different long-term health conditions, including respiratory, cancer and mental health. The Panel can provide companies and organisations with direct access to patients in a confidential forum and offers strategic targeting to achieve disease-specific perspectives and representation from traditionally marginalised groups.

MHP Mischief Patient Voice Panel: Q1 2022

NHS Waiting Times – The Patient View on The Government’s Elective Recovery Plan to Tackle the Greatest Backlog in NHS History

NHS waiting times are at an all-time high and public satisfaction with the NHS is at its lowest in 25 years as patients across the country are waiting for appointments and treatment.

To address the backlog, the Government has put forward several solutions as part of its Elective Recovery Plan but, what do patients think about the proposed solutions?

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