Our new partnership with leading behavioural science consultancy – Influence at Work UK

Our new offering will create end-to-end behaviour change campaigns for clients across MHP+Mischief.

We’re delighted to announce an exclusive new partnership that will give MHP + Mischief clients access to world-class behaviour change expertise

ENGINE MHP + Mischief and leading specialists INFLUENCE AT WORK UK will be working together, to help clients build communications programmes rooted in behavioural science – improving engagement rates, earning trust and delivering measurable behaviour change outcomes.

The partnership is an industry first, which will give ENGINE MHP + Mischief clients access to INFLUENCE AT WORK’s world-class behavioural science team, led by Steve Martin, UK CEO and Visiting Professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business NY.

The role of behavioural science in communication and change has been thrust into the spotlight by the Covid-19 pandemic and clients are seeking ways to integrate this insight into their campaigns.

The partnership means that INFLUENCE AT WORK’s world leading experts will now work alongside MHP + Mischief’s planners, creatives and strategists to identify the most effective triggers, messages, spokespeople and advocates to engage and persuade audiences.

The two consultancies have already worked together to develop a Lockdown Recovery Roadmap to help companies reassure and re-engage employees and customers as they get back to business.

INFLUENCE AT WORK is headed by two of the world’s most recognised names in the field – Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin.

Their books have sold over 6 million copies, and theiraward-winning research and insights have been rated as ‘Breakthrough Ideas for Business’ by the Harvard Business Review, are taught on executive programmes in Business Schools around the world and have attracted the interest of world leaders, policy makers, senior executives and business professionals.

The partnership follows MHP’s two-year collaboration with UCL’s Affective Brain Lab, which led to the creation of the agency’s award-winning ‘Networked Age’ communications approach.

Nick Barron, Deputy CEO of ENGINE MHP + Mischief, said:

“The challenge for communicators has been made harder by political polarisation, distrust in authority, growing activism and a range of other phenomena produced by The Networked Age. We need to help clients understand what moves people to think, feel and do things differently.

“We’re delighted to partner with the best applied behavioural science specialists in the business. Steve and his team produce insights that boost sales, cut costs, increase loyalty and deliver positive social outcomes. Our expertise can bring their science to life and reach audiences at scale.”

Steve Martin, CEO of INFLUENCE AT WORK UK explained:

“We are in a golden era of applied behavioural science, evidenced by the increasing number of organisations seeking to place behavioural insights at the heart of everything they do. That is why this partnership makes so much sense. Bringing together INFLUENCE AT WORK’s scientific insights with ENGINE MHP + Mischief’s industry-leading planning, co-ordination and implementation capabilities we are creating a powerful force for any organisation whose success relies on their ability to influence change.”