On Message: Ten years after the crash – do we trust bankers?

It’s ten years since global financial markets were plunged into crisis by a combination of circumstances which exposed the frailty of long established institutions and turned bankers into figures of hate and derision.


We travel back in time to March 2008 when Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, Arsenal were top of the Premier League and the world was in the grip of the financial crisis. The panel examines the reputation of the financial services sector then and how far the industry has come in repairing the damage.

Reputation as a concept in financial services has been far less spoken about in recent years. Post-crisis, and particularly in the years around LIBOR, it was a constant issue. Yet today it seems forgotten. 10 years of austerity, LIBOR, PPI, pension scheme collapses, stubbornly low levels of customer service, and even running money for drug lords paints a bleak picture of an industry’s public image. Comfortingly, the recent launch of MHP’s first Financial Services Reputation Index found a majority of the public are positive about the financial services sector. That said, traffic wardens remain significantly more trusted than bankers, so there is work to be done.

Adam Batstone, Oscar Williams-Grut, Ricky Knox, Holly Marshall and Mike Robb


Ricky Knox, CEO, Tandem Bank

Ricky is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has built five technology disruptors in fintech and telecoms, and is currently building the customer champion digital bank of the future, Tandem.

Holly Marshall, Director of Corporate Affairs, Aldermore Bank

Holly leads Corporate Affairs at Aldermore, where her primary responsibility is to manage and enhance the reputation of the Bank externally. She previously held communications roles with UBS and Europe Arab Bank.

Mike Robb, Managing Director, Head of Financial Services, MHP

Mike heads the financial services team at MHP, where we work with businesses from across the industry including banks, asset managers, insurers, fintech and others.

Oscar Williams-Grut, Business Insider

Oscar is a senior reporter at Business Insider, where he writes about fintech and retail, as well as occasionally straying into more general business, markets, and politics.


MHP Director, Adam Batstone has a 25-year journalistic career covering newspapers, radio, TV and most recently the BBC News website. At MHP he helps clients to work with the media to ensure they get their voices heard.


On Message was produced by Alice Osborn and edited by Nick Carter of Mixsonix Audio Production

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