On Message: New Rules for The Networked Age


MHP has partnered with academic researchers at UCL to draw up New Rules for The Networked Age. In this episode of On Message we hear how the rules can be applied to all fields of communication.


MHP communications hosted an event at Millbank Tower, in Westminster, to launch its guide to The Networked Age. We have worked with Dr Tali Sharot of the Affective Brain Lab at University College London to understand how her research into human communication applies in a commercial setting.

This podcast was recorded at the launch event and begins with an interview between MHP’s Head of Health Communications, Kate Pogson and Nick Barron, MHP Deputy CEO, on the background to the research and what we mean by New Rules for The Networked Age.

Kate Pogson brings over 10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare communications, supporting clients across a broad range of communications issues including data and regulatory communications, disease awareness campaigns, market access programmes and crisis management.

Nick Barron is a corporate reputation specialist and oversees the work of MHP’s Corporate, Public Affairs, Brand and Crisis & Risk teams. Nick was previously Managing Director of Edelman London, developing European and global campaigns for clients including Unilever, Starbucks, Barclays, Whitbread/Costa, Manchester City FC and The New York Times.


Dr Tali Sharot is The Principal Investigator at UCL’s Affective Brain Lab. She is a cognitive
neuroscientist, TED speaker and author of The Optimism Bias and The Influential Mind.

Tom Baldwin is a former political journalist whose book Control, Alt, Delete looks at how the Brexit referendum campaign revealed some truths about the nature of political communication. Tom is leader of the People’s Vote campaign which is seeking to persuade the Government to hold another referendum on leaving the EU.

Prof Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics at Kent University and author of National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy.  Matthew is an academic, writer and speaker known for his work on Britain and Europe, political volatility and risk, populism, Brexit and elections. He is Professor of Politics at Rutherford College, University of Kent, Senior Visiting Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House and Senior Fellow with the UK In a Changing Europe academic programme.

Kasha Cacy is the Global CEO of Engine. She oversees Engine’s 17 offices across North America, the UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Before joining Engine in the summer, Kasha served as US President of UM from 2014. Under Cacy’s leadership, UM was named Adweek’s Global Media Agency of the Year, Ad Age’sMedia Agency of the Year, among numerous honors.

The panel considered how The Networked Age is impacting the accepted practices for communications professionals in all sectors.

The discussion ranged from analysis of how predictions of election results in 2016 in the USA and in the UK defied expectations and how all organisations can learn from those experiences.

Dr Sharot said underpinning commercial communications advice with rigorous academic research was essential to understand trends – particularly in a world which is dominated by digital networks.

Both Tom Baldwin and Matthew Goodwin agreed that the old certainties of political campaigning have been exposed as unreliable and a new playbook is required if younger voters – or the iGen – are to be engaged in the future.

For Kasha Cacy the New Rules of The Networked Age were particularly relevant to a business like Engine, which offers a full range of marketing and communications services. She said the rules were equally applicable regardless of sector or geography and were a blueprint for the future.


Guide to The Networked Age

Watch highlights from The Networked Age launch event


MHP’s Head of Health Communications, Kate Pogson, led the panel discussion. She helps clients to explain complex issues around health products and policy and believes applying the New Rules of The Networked Age will enable those working in the health sector to be better understood by their key audiences.


On Message is edited by Nick Carter of Mixsonix Audio Production

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