MHP Health: Innovation Inspiration

Innovation and disruptive technologies are moving forward at pace, which is having a real impact on the world of healthcare as we know it.

There is a real need to do things differently in the healthcare sector. Money needs to be used more effectively to create head room for innovations which deliver value in clinical outcomes and improve patient experience. Embracing change is becoming urgent, as demand is already out stripping supply.

At MHP we understand where traditional healthcare companies are coming under threat from new competition and advise them on how to evolve their business model so that they don’t get left behind. And we know the barriers that new players face when talking to, engaging with, and driving adoption of an innovation in the healthcare system.

Our new weekly series of #innovationinspiration is intended to help those interested in the rapidly evolving world of healthcare to keep their finger on the pulse of the new innovations and different ways of working which will change the healthcare system as we know it.



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Week 3: NHSX calls for remote monitoring suppliers and the latest on the rollout of NHS Test and Trace

Week 4: AI, robots and wearable – the role of technology during COVID-19

Week 5:  Saving lives through research and AI, and a look at data and diversity for COVID-19

Week 6: Recommendations for locking in health innovation gains