MHP Back to Business Media Training

As the Covid-19 restrictions are eased, public focus is turning to the role of businesses; how they serve their customers, treat their employees and the role they play in society’s ‘new normal’.

MHP Back to Business Media Training

With 1 in 3 consumers saying their purchasing decisions will be affected by how businesses behave in the current landscape, every organisation will be under scrutiny from the media. The MHP Back to Business Media Training is an opportunity to stress test your communications in a time of recovery for your organisation, your people and your stakeholders.

How we can help

The MHP Back to Business Media Training is a three-step process:

1. Media analysis

Using our predictive platform Newswhip we will identify the trending issues and stories in your sector that journalists will want to talk to you about. This analysis is crucial to the development of your messages in order to ensure that you address the risks and harness the opportunities of communicating at this critical time for your business.

2. Message stress test

We will review the messages you want to convey in an interview through the perspective of a journalist to evaluate their effectiveness, identify your strongest proof points and uncover any gaps in your recovery plan that media may seize upon. We will provide guidance on the right tone for your business and your audience, ensuring you are communicating with empathy and concern, as appropriate.

3. Interview practice

We will deliver a one-hour virtual training session to prepare a spokesperson for media interviews through the ‘new normal’ medium of a Zoom video call. Drawing on the questions identified in phase one, we will practice your message delivery and will focus on techniques to navigate difficult lines of enquiry. After the interview, we’ll provide a performance analysis and quick check guide to support your future media engagement.

Our trainers

This programme is delivered by the MHP Media Unit.

Keith Gladdis

Former Daily Mail news editor

Ian Kirby

Former News of the World
political editor

Michaela Gray

Former broadcast journalist

Nick Collins

Former Telegraph journalist


To book the MHP Back to Business Media Training or discuss bespoke media training conducted virtually, contact your MHP account team or