In Conversation with: James Hurley

Next in MHP Mischief’s In Conversation With series, Senior Media Director Keith Gladdis sat down with James Hurley, Enterprise Editor at The Times.

Last week we were delighted to host James Hurley, Enterprise Editor at The Times to discuss changes at the paper and its priorities moving forward. As one of the most sought-after journalists on Fleet Street – especially by us PRs – having James share his insight and thoughts about what makes the cut and what will remain an unopened email was extremely valuable inside information and allows us to help our clients continue to stand out in the crowd.

Exploring what life is currently like at The Times, its latest platform The Times Enterprise Network and how many emails he receives an hour (it’s A LOT!), James’ insight ensures that we are keeping in the know and aligning our clients’ communications objectives to the real world and what the media is interested hearing more about.

Catch up on some of the highlights below:

COP 26
What he looks for in a story?