Brexit puts May at the crossroads

James Gurling

Brexit dominates Westminster, squeezing out almost all other issues – and leaving the Prime Minister facing some tough choices and battles to remain in power.

The Parliamentary fracas in the immediate aftermath of Theresa May’s Chequers agreement has revealed the extent to which the Government is prepared to go in order to get its deal through.

What this has perhaps obscured is the inter-relationship with a whole range of forthcoming legislation … and the consequent difficulties Mrs May will face in securing some semblance of consistency to her position in the coming months.

In an article below, Michael Dowsett argues that if the Prime Minister fails to secure a consistent consensus in Parliament, there are four broad options which face her; to adopt one of the ‘off the shelf’ options already available; to gamble again on another ‘snap’ election on issue of ratifying the deal she has struck; extend the period of Article 50; agree a new amended offer from the EU.