Bill Watch: a review of the Health and Care Bill’s passage through The Lords

Ten years on since the 2012 Health and Social Care Act became law, establishing NHS England, the much debated Health and Care Bill is reaching its Parliamentary climax as it finds itself amid the green and red benches of ping-pong. As this much anticipated legislation enters the final steps to Royal Assent, the debate over some of the contention feels far from over.

As the Bill oscillates between the Houses, questions remain as to what concessions may be waived through to get the Bill through to Royal Assent by the end of the month. How much power will the Secretary of State eventually clinch? Will there be plans established to strengthen workforce planning? To what levels will Government be willing to compromise and how can they minimise the ongoing uncertainty for NHS leaders?

Since the Bill’s arrival, the MHP Health team have kept a close eye on its Parliamentary journey. We are pleased to share with you our latest analysis, Bill Watch: A review of the Health and Care Bill’s passage through the Lords.

As we continue to follow the Bill’s passage, MHP Health will keep you on the inside track as it nears completion and look ahead to what it will all mean for those working and interacting with the health service.

Happy reading.