Engine MHP is a strategic communications consultancy built for the networked age, applying the new rules of influence to solve complex problems.

This is The Networked Age

Influence has replaced authority as your most important asset. To earn it, you have to understand what moves people to listen, to share and to act. Engine MHP applies the science of influence to communications challenges.

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Over the last two decades, digital technology has reshaped the way we live and communicate – and changed the rules of engagement for our clients.

The world has become more connected, more global and information-saturated. The first digital native generation (Gen Z) has entered the workforce.

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In The Networked Age

People are more sceptical towards authority and more likely to question motives

Journalism is more activist and the most passionate voices are the biggest influencers

Debate is more polarised and communities are self-segregating

The public are more resistant to changing their minds

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To understand the dynamics of The Networked Age MHP has partnered with leading international research team The Affective Brain Lab. Part of University College London, their focus is on how motivation and emotion shape our expectations of the future, our everyday decisions, our memories and our ability to learn.

The Principal Investigator is Dr Tali Sharot, Cognitive Neuroscientist, TED speaker and author of The Optimism Bias and The Influential Mind.

Together, via a comprehensive literature review, we have identified:

The reasons why networks are changing the communications landscape

The psychological principles that communicators need to understand

The New Rules we need to apply to influence better outcomes

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Who you are is as important as what you do


Influencers and passions spread ideas


Arguments are never won, but outcomes are

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The digital revolution and human psychology are forcing organisations to re-evaluate the way they communicate and challenge traditional ways of influencing opinions.

Our Guide below explains the psychology that communicators need to understand and the New Rules of Influence that should underpin any communications strategy.

The guide to The Networked Age