Baby Dove

The Perfect Mum who made you think twice


Dove made a stir with its real women campaign in 2004 and they wanted MHP to help them capitalize on that legacy in a way which would remind women that Dove was not a brand exclusively aimed at seeking perfection. Baby Dove asked us to provide a disruptive launch that addressed the ‘pressure to be perfect’ felt by first time mums.


We took a calculated risk to highlight the impossibility of achieving perfection by deliberately making an image of a “perfect mum”. We created an image of a flawless, confident young woman on the billboard at London’s Waterloo station, triggering a social media debate about the portrayal of mums in the media, Aimee, the face of the campaign, was not a real mum. In fact, she wasn’t even real. Aimee, as her name suggests was an AI creation, made by data from thousands of polished and photoshopped images of mums we see in magazines, adverts and social media.


The campaign had the desired effect with the target audience as the story received blanket media coverage, provoking a debate about the nature of perfection and society’s pressure to be flawless. The campaign also resonated strongly with the audience. It also strongly divided opinion with 92% positive or neutral sentiment.