Chateau Peckham: Putting British wine on the map


With English wine winning prizes and earning a new reputation as a quality product, our clientLaithwaite’s wanted to place themselves at the centre of the British wine success story. As an established brand with a brilliant reputation for supplying quality wines, the challenge was to tweak rather than transform the reputation of the business.


We decided to take a light hearted approach that would combine the latest forecasts around global warming with the growing enthusiasm for wine production in parts of the UK which would not normally be associated with vineyards. Working with UCL climate change Professor Mark Maslin and his team, we created a model to predict the changing conditions and how the UK would be affected creating ideal soil and weather conditions for unlikely vineyards in places like Peckham or even parts of Scotland.


In fact, in a perfect media story for post-Brexit anxiety it revealed that Britain could become self-sufficient in the likes of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and even the hard to cultivate Malbec grape in a few generations.The findings produced a clean sweep of all national titles from the Financial Times and Daily Mail to The Sun and Daily Mirror plus international coverage in the likes of Time and the Wall Street Journal.