EDF Energy

A landmark moment for UK nuclear power


In 2003, with new nuclear off the political agenda, EDF Energy challenged us to develop a long-term stakeholder engagement programme to change the public mood on nuclear power stations in the UK and position EDF Energy as thought leaders driving the debate.


A considerable political step of this magnitude takes years of patient campaigning and reasoned argument. We founded a programme of moving supporters of nuclear energy from a defensive position to proactive engagement, by positioning nuclear power as a central part of the solution to the various energy challenges facing the UK – not just security of supply and price, but also decarbonisation and tackling climate change.

This necessitated the development of a programme of proactive stakeholder engagement for EDF, from 1:1 briefing meetings with policy-makers and opinion forming commentators, to set-piece speeches and a visible presence at industry events.


The result has been a total turnaround in policy and public opinion, with both Government and Opposition now actively support nuclear new build. The Government signed the construction of EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C, the first nuclear power station in the UK, in September 2016 with further power stations expected to come and construction at Hinkley Point C itself beginning earlier this year.

CGI render of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, Somerset