Economist Intelligence Unit

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Despite the excellence of its brand, The EIU did not have strong media presence in Asia nor extensive brand recognition. This was due to two factors: competitors had undertaken aggressive media campaigns and secured interviews to raise their profile, whilst The EIU’s editorial staff were not encouraged to work with the media as they saw this as a distraction from core duties. The result: limited external profile and an impact on revenue.


MHP worked with The EIU to change its internal mindset through demonstrating the power of a proactively-managed reputation. Our comprehensive regional media campaigns positioned The EIU as expert commentators, increasing demand both for reactive and proactive comments.


In 2016, MHP generated close to US$13 million in PR value. In 2017 launch of one of its flagship reports Worldwide Cost of Living generated over US$2 million in PR value, with over 300 items of coverage across Asia Pacific.

MHP continue to support The EIU right across the region and with an increased profile, The EIU’s revered and highly sought-after spokespeople are now regularly featured across top-tier media.