Brussels Book Launch: Revolt on the Right


On 8 May, MHP Brussels will be hosting an event to discuss Rob Ford and Matthew Goodwin’s forthcoming book, Revolt on the Right: Explaining Support for the Radical Right in Britain.

Although ostensibly about the state of modern British politics, the rise of UKIP has obvious parallels in other European member states where voters are registering growing disillusionment with Brussels and its institutions. The talk will examine the profile and attitudes of over 100,000 British voters, and Matthew will examine the impact on mainstream UK politics, why there is a particular challenge in here for the Labour Party, and what might it all mean for the forthcoming European elections.

This rise of the Eurosceptic right is a challenge to everyone working in the Brussels Bubble. We hope many of you can come along and voice your opinion on what it means to you. Please contact me at for more details.Revolt on right invite