MHP Managing Director opens the IR Magazine Conference

By MHP Communications

Reg Hoare, MHP Managing Director, will be opening a Brexit focused session today for IRS Magazine UK & Ireland at the London Stock Exchange. The wider event will run all day with an audience of IROs in the UK to discuss best practice, benchmark performance and keeping up-to-date with the evolving buy-side.

Reg’s session will be twenty minutes long and will cover topics such as, what IROs need to watch out for with respect to Brexit:

·         Proposed timelines: how will the two-year notice period affect businesses?

·         Possible knock-on effect on corporates, both large and small

·         What a post-Brexit world look like? Will companies scale up or down?

·         Investing themes: how this will affect the buy side and sell side

·         Key drivers that may cause investors to adjust portfolios or analysts to adjust earnings forecasts

·         Positioning capital in sterling: long-term impact, cash inflow and outflow

·         Trade agreements in Asia and the US: how is Brexit likely to affect investment decisions?

The event will be well attended by companies including Unilever, Tesco, Royal Mail, BAE systems, Centrica, Genel and Schroders.

Check back on the MHP Blog page for a follow up blog post from Reg later today, for more information about the event please visit the IR Magazine website.