2017 Look Ahead: Politics

by Nick Laitner

You’ll win no prizes for predicting that politics in 2017 will be dominated by uncertainty. But this uncertainty points to a deeper political trend, of ungovernability. In the UK, real questions persist over quite how Theresa May and her Government will actually be able to run the country next year – writes Nick Laitner.

With a parliamentary majority declining seemingly every month, a split cabinet, a chaotic opposition, and Brexit sucking up all the available political oxygen, expect real problems of governability, perhaps exemplified by US-style gridlock.

Speaking of our American cousins, the impact of a Trump presidency on an already dysfunctional political landscape will be interesting, at best. While in theory the Republicans hold the executive and legislature (and perhaps, soon, the judiciary as well), Trump’s unique governing style is likely to create havoc in Washington. 2017 could see a real crisis of authority and governance in the US, with significant impacts on the rest of the world.

And closer to home, 2017 could be the year that the EU becomes ungovernable. With the rise of populist, anti-EU politics emboldened by Brexit and the recent defenestration of Matteo Renzi, countries from Holland to France (and even Germany) could be on the cusp of electing governments that will be much more hostile to Brussels. Whether the EU project itself can survive this crisis of ungovernability will be another major question for next year.

Navigating this landscape and communicating effectively to achieve real results in a rapidly changing landscape will require real skill, and a fair bit of nerve. Hold on to your hats.

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