2017 Look Ahead: Consumer PR

by Debs Villiers

Campaigns that build brand awareness are all well and good, but campaigns that also chime with something an audience really cares about add an extra dimension. They can really engage audiences by getting them to participate – writes Debs Villiers.

One: We’ve all been wowed by REI’s Opt Outside campaign, the anti black Friday movement that swept the boards at awards ceremonies this year, and rightly so, but we’ve also started to see more of this kind of cause based campaigning from our own clients.

Whether its TalkTalk fighting to fix Britain’s internet or American Express getting behind small retailers in the run up to Christmas, campaigns that talk for, as well as to, audiences get better cut through, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of campaigns that have a real purpose and meaning behind them in 2017.

Two: The media landscape continues to evolve at pace. Who would have guessed a few years ago that the Metro would be the UK’s second biggest newspaper?

More than ever media channels –  be that a news site, or a blog are brands in their own right, which means they have a certain image to uphold.  For us, this is about being agile and adaptive in our approach, and tailoring and reworking stories to fit the place we want them to appear.  The days of firing a load of stuff out to see how it lands are gone.

Three: Basing comms activity in audience insight is not new. Audiences are diversifying and the way to reach them becomes ever more fragmented, having a thorough understand of who the end consumer is, what they’re interested in and most importantly for us, how to reach them, will be more important than ever.

and finally…

For us and our clients, this means taking the time to understand who we are talking to and what makes them tick – and then being highly relevant and super targeted in our approach.

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