Effective Communications Index

The Communications Conundrum

The annual MHP Effective Communications Index attempts to provide tangible answers to the most important, yet often intangible communications challenges faced by organisations today. How do I make sure that communications with our stakeholders generate meaningful results? How do I demonstrate the link between our communications strategy and the bottom line? In short, how do I make sure our communications are effective?

The Index is the result of thousands of conversations all over the world. These interviews were conducted on our behalf by our research partner, Populus, in key global markets: the UK, US, Brazil, Germany and Hong Kong. They give us a unique insight into what people all over the world consider to be truly effective communication by the companies and other organisations around them.

This data and our wider work and experience has allowed us to identify and then test six pillars of effective communication; the building blocks that allow companies to forge authentic relationships with their consumers and their stakeholders – investors, regulators, campaigners and others.

What has emerged from the research is complex, fascinating, contradictory – and at the same time, simple. It highlights some fundamental truths that resonate across the globe, and also some of the real differences that exist at a national level.

We hope that the findings of the MHP Index, will help organisations formulate strategies to allow them to communicate effectively with those around them.

MHP Index 2014