Reinvigorating National Blood Week

NHS Blood and Transplant

NHSBT needed to reinvigorate National Blood Week and urgently address the 40% drop in donors in the UK over the last decade.

Blood donation needed to be put back on the agenda. One of the issues we faced was how do you show the problem we’re trying to solve. The fall in blood donation, whilst a large issue, is an invisible issue. You can’t actually see it. Missing Type was the creative solution: taking the As Os and Bs from names, places and brands that we engage with in everyday life. It was an inclusive movement: anyone could drop the type from the social media profiles with #missingtype.

We worked with a number of brands, organisations and influencers to help trigger the campaign. It was a week that saw the ‘o’ disappear from Downing Street; The Daily Mirror change its masthead; blanket national media coverage; a social media movement created with tens of thousands of people joining in and many of the world’s biggest brands – including Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and McDonald’s – ripping up their logo guidelines to amplify the call for new donors. Even the Church of England and the WI joined in helping us to achieve a reach of over 2 billion.

Most importantly ‘Missing Type’ delivered the result that matters: 30,000 new blood donor registrations over the course of the week – equivalent to 100,000 lives saved – a 200% increase on the previous National Blood Week Campaign which had been our benchmark for success.