Our practices


MHP Health

Our multi-award winning team works closely with clients to shape the health and social care environment.

Health and social care are changing. Budgets are tighter, but patient expectations higher. The need to improve health outcomes more urgent, but competing priorities make this more difficult.

We help our clients – from multinational corporations to professional bodies and charities – develop compelling policy communications, delivering both business results and health outcomes to transform lives.

Reaching people is easy, it’s being heard that matters. The true test is can we influence change? This requires a knowledge for detail, but an understanding of the bigger picture, a passion for the job, but above all, a track record in delivering results that matter.


MHP Corporate Affairs

We deliver advice and practical support on business critical positioning issues and design and implement compelling campaigns that engage journalists, policy makers, pressure groups, regulators and employees. Our team has breadth and depth, which means we can provide the right advice and on-the-ground support when it’s needed.

The world no longer operates in silos and neither do we. Our expertise is drawn from a range of backgrounds, including industry, government, media and communications consultancy. We tackle each clients’ challenges with fresh eyes to determine the best approach for them, using the most appropriate channels.

By putting the wider business goals of our clients at the forefront of our thinking, we avoid assumptions and preconceptions that can narrow insight and activity in communications.


MHP Health Global

We support health clients with a global footprint to design, deliver and execute strategic communications programmes that help solve complex business problems.

Our team of specialist global, strategic marketing consultants has a collective background in both commercial marketing for pharmaceutical companies and other privately owned corporations in the health arena, as well as public organisations such as NGOs, patient advocacy groups and other non-profits.

We believe that our nimble and creative client service model embraces the realities of today’s health environment with unrestrained creative thinking and the energy required to develop engaging campaigns that drive forward the health agenda. Our approach is strategy-led and characterised by our ability to segment and target client’s key audiences.


MHP Brand

These days being talked about is not enough. Getting our clients seen, heard, liked and shared is our passion.

In the Brand team at MHP, everything we do is underpinned by insight, creatively crafted and activated with ambition and flair. From storytelling to blockbuster integrated brand campaigns, news generation and high-impact stunts, through to content creation and social media strategies we provide the prompts to change perception and create new advocates.

We believe that campaigns should be measured on more than reach. It’s about building a long-term brand narrative that changes behaviour and delivers business benefits.

And we’re proud to say that in 2014, our team was the most awarded specialist consumer agency for our GAME ‘Christmas Tinner’ campaign.


MHP Financial

Our multi-award winning financial team, combines specialist capital markets, corporate and financial services expertise.

We are trusted advisers providing senior-led strategic communications counsel combined with flawless and effective implementation to some of the world’s leading companies. These include organisations from a range of sectors, companies listed on AIM to the FTSE250, privately held growth companies and global organisations in financial and professional services.

Our 43-strong team includes former journalists, brokers, lawyers, fund managers, accountants and corporate financiers as well as people who have spent their entire careers in communications.

We work closely with our clients to provide bespoke and integrated communications focused on a clear strategic and multichannel approach that help deliver their business objectives.


MHP Digital

Billions of people use digital media tools to communicate every day. Google, Facebook and Twitter have moved from being household names to being verbs.

This is why digital communications doesn’t stand alone at MHP. It is core to most client briefs and our team sits centrally to develop digital, mobile and social strategies for almost all of our clients.

Using our comprehensive cross-industry knowledge, we help clients make sense of the digital landscape. We learn what’s being said, by whom and where. We create content and engagement strategies, manage communities, plan websites, build apps and develop comprehensive mobile and digital strategies that take advantage of innovative new platforms and tools to deliver the best user experience and results.


MHP Hong Kong

Engaging with the C-Suite, our team in Hong Kong work for some of the largest and smartest financial institutions in the world, sharing and promoting information about them to their stakeholders and other financially savvy audiences.  Whether our clients are retail or institutional, buy-side or sell-side, we can help build financial brands in Asia through our connections with media, think tanks and opinion makers.  We can help mitigate a crisis, raise a profile, establish thought leadership and improve public perception – communicating our clients’ news and views to the people who matter most.

Our corporate team helps organisations build their brands in Asia Pacific and beyond. We work with our clients to define and share who they are, what they stand for and what they want to become.  We help them tell their story, through the media or by talking directly to key audiences.  We combine our proven approach, with our clients’ expertise and knowledge, to shape the news agenda in Asia and we polish senior executives’ skills to ensure they deliver their stories with conviction and confidence.


MHP Design

It’s human nature to make a decision about an organisation, brand, professional body or charity within a split second. And that is why design is so important.

Our award-winning design team sits at the heart of MHP, providing both design strategy and solutions for all of our clients. We support an extensive range of requirements; from the development of corporate literature and branding through to bespoke events and app design.

Our strength lies in our integrated approach. We work closely with the client teams who provide us with valuable insight and understanding of the brief. We believe this, along with our creativity enables us to produce work that delivers.

There is no secret formula, just a team with an appetite for finding the appropriate solution and to tell stories in an imaginative and engaging way.


MHP Internal Comms

Employees are critical in solving many organisational challenges or creating business opportunities. They deliver performance, embody a brand and they are advocates – and at times challengers – of reputation.

Our Internal Communications team are experts in advising senior leaders to create effective internal communications, engage employees, improve performance, create innovation, manage crises and change behaviour.  We do all of this through times of change, transformation, growth and crisis – and through the every day.

Whether it’s creative internal communications, CSR strategies, campaigns or content, we enable our clients to understand their people, create advocates and measure the business impact of engaging them.