MHP Media

The media is changing fast, understanding the impact of those changes is crucial to all organsations, no matter what they do.

From Donald Trump’s declaration of war on Fake News to the rise of the rise of the citizen journalist, MHP’s media specialists can help you interpret what can seem like a confusing world.

Our team comprises former journalists from all parts of the UK media from the Daily Mail to the BBC, all of whom have the  knowledge and contacts to help you get in – or stay out – of the media spotlight.

Using our experience and specialist knowledge we can help:

  • Develop an effective media strategy

  • Prepare you for a media interview or news conference

  • Handle a crisis situation

  • Prepare your own media content

  • Meet the journalists that matter most to you

For many of MHP’s clients, achieving a spot on Sky News or the BBC Breakfast red sofa is the ultimate sign of a successful media launch. For others maximising online shares will be the measure of success.

MHP has a deep understanding of the dynamics of broadcast, print and digital media and can advise on the best opportunities for clients.

Digital skills are an integral every aspect of MHP’s media work. We have the tools to monitor, analyse and understand rapid changes in digital media. We can also produce high quality video, audio and digital content for clients and help maximise its value on your own channels.

Finally, through training, thought leadership, media events, including our own Young Journalist 30 to Watch awards and media panels, the MHP team regularly host events to share their insight with clients.

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