This week…


I woke up this morning to the news that Yahoo is looking at buying tumblr. By the time I was on the bus, GigaOm had raised the spectre of Facebook swooping in to scupper the deal. By now, everyone is wondering if this billion dollar acquisition will be as successful as Yahoo’s $3.6bn acquisition of Geocities (remember this) over a decade ago. Oh wait…..

One Yahoo investment that is about to pay off massively is their 23% stake in Alibaba. China’s answer to eBay and Amazon is immeasurably bigger than those two combined. It’s well on track to be the first online company to generate over $1 trillion in revenues, and it’s headed towards an IPO pretty soon.

The battle for supremacy in mobile chat apps continues apace in Asia. Celebs and TV ads are the latest battleground for Line and Kakao Talk in Indonesia. WeChat is pushing hard for market share in India to add to its 300m+ users elsewhere in the world. Bringing up the rear is Blackberry, who have announced that they’ll be bringing their BBM chat service to iOS and Android this summer – only about two or three years late…

Staying with mobile, and rumours abounded of an Amazon phone with a 3D screen. Cause that’s worked so well for TV and movies.

Yet more privacy issues for people – hot on the heels of Path’s privacy snafu, Bang with Friends and Snapchat both had vulnerabilities exposed. Caveat downloader is my advice.

A Small World (remember them – the social network that Tiger Woods, Naomi Campbell and numerous other celebs signed up for) has performed the patented Silicon Valley pivot and is now a travel club. It actually sounds a lot more interesting than its previous incarnation.

I loved this article in the Harvard Business Review. The concept of surprise and delight is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Fun is a really powerful motivator. It’s something I talked about at the Digital Summit in Dublin a few weeks back.

Email marketing is a great way to connect with people, but beware – an email a day keeps the users away.

Almost done – there’s a lot of talk about how everyone should learn how to code. I think everyone should understand how it works, but not everyone can be a coder. This is a really good piece on the topic. Some balance is needed in this debate.

Enjoy Mashable on how not to feed the trolls. It’s interesting to see yet another company resort to the ‘we were hacked’ defense. Man up. Admit that you lost it. Apologise.

Lastly, for those of you who read this far, check out Google’s latest easter egg. Go to Google Image Search and type in breakout. Enjoy.

Have a good weekend. Eamonn.