MHP Political Panel: The ongoing Brexit debate

by Genevieve Lloyd


The European Referendum “is like pregnancy – it’s going to happen – but what comes out of it is still up in the air”, one of our panellists remarked at the latest MHP Political Panel.

The panel represented a wide range of views from across the political spectrum. Former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Caroline Flint MP was in attendance along with SNP National Executive Committee member Alex Orr, and Conservative MP and former Telegraph journalist, Matt Warman. In addition to this, Political Editor of The Sun on Sunday, David Wooding was present to offer his invaluable media insight.

Against a backdrop of the ongoing Brexit debate, the upcoming local elections and party leadership battles, MHP Managing Director and former News of the World political editor, Ian Kirby chaired a frank and open discussion between some key figures in politics and the media.

The free-flowing discussion covered numerous topics from whether Brussels would attempt to renegotiate if the UK votes to leave, David Cameron’s future post-referendum and, perhaps inevitably, the issue of immigration.

Tensions within the Conservative party and the multiple camps within the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign were also touched upon. Does the inability of the Eurosceptics to form a coordinated and coherent opposition signify a fundamental confusion as to what is being opposed? Does a campaign to leave Europe adequately address the concerns about the free movement of people for work? In what ways has our relationship with Europe changed since we were last asked whether we wanted to be a part of a Union?

The Political Panel is one of many events held by MHP throughout the year, providing clients with unparalleled access to some of the UKs key influencers and insight into some of our most pressing issues. If you would like to hear about or sign up for any of our future events, please email