MHP Media Panel

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The first  @MHPC #mediapanel event will take place on Tuesday 27 October from 8am at our new offices, 6 Agar Street, London, WC2N 4HN. To book your place please visit our Eventbrite page or email


These are interesting times in the UK media landscape as the inexorable rise of digital platforms continue to change the traditional dominance of print, TV and radio. The BBC is once more under intense scrutiny and faces massive cuts in funding, newspaper sales remain in steady decline and the proliferation of social media mean younger audiences are consuming media in a way which can seem utterly bewildering to most people over the age of 30. From the impact of Corbyn, the soaraway success of the Bake Off or the defection of Peston; our panel of media experts will have a lot to talk about.


Jim Waterson is deputy  editor of Buzzfeed UK and at 25 has made a considerable impact on traditional Westminster reporting by combining Buzzfeed’s distinctive tone with some sharp political analysis. With almost 20,000 followers on Twitter, he has become an influential voice and a refreshing addition to the political debate. His reporting is funny and irreverent and appeals to an audience bored with much of the dry commentary offered by more traditional media.


Camilla Mankabady is a programme editor at ITN where she is responsible for producing ITV’s main evening news bulletins. After 14 years at the BBC Camilla joined ITN  a year ago where she has brought her skills and experience to reinvigorate the channel’s news output. While at the BBC, Camilla worked for the news channel and all the main BBC bulletins. She worked closely with experienced correspondents and producers to change the tone and agenda of the nation’s most watched news bulletins.


Robert Colvile is a freelance writer and commentator with a wealth of experience at the highest levels of the national press. A former leader writer and columnist at the Daily Telegraph, he earned a reputation as one of Britain’s most talented young journalists before helping to guide the newspaper’s digital transformation in his role as Comment Editor. Robert later moved to BuzzFeed, where he oversaw the website’s UK news operation, and now writes on politics, technology and culture for a variety of online and print outlets.


Adam Batstone recently joined MHP with a brief to use his considerable journalistic experience and contacts to help clients get their stories into the news media. His track record includes working across newspapers, radio, TV and most recently the BBC News website where he was responsible for audio, video and live content.  Adam helped make the BBC website one of the most popular news sources in the world and led the way in establishing new forms of digital journalism comprising social media, interactive tools and user generated content.