MHP Communications announces MHP 30 To Watch 2013


MHP Communications last night announced the MHP 30 To Watch 2013, the firm’s annual spotlight on top and up-and-coming media talent.

The awards, which launched last year, celebrate the contribution of young journalists to the UK media industry, and recognise the work of a selection of individuals whose work is making a real impact in their sector or area of expertise, using new or innovative methods to cover the news agenda, or who, at a very early stage in their career, are already contributing significantly to the public interest.

Gavin Devine, Chief Executive of MHP Communications said:

“When we decided to create the MHP 30 to Watch awards, we did so because we wanted to celebrate the future of the media market, and in particular the individuals whose skills we believe mean that future will be vibrant.

“We believe that there are too few champions of the UK media industry – and particularly of the contribution of young journalists.

“At a time when the media faces increasing public, financial and political pressures, the MHP 30 To Watch seeks to celebrate UK-based journalism and the contribution of our media’s rising stars to the industries, sectors and disciplines that they report on, and to the public interest.”

A number of senior journalists contributed to the selection process as ‘Gold Award’ judges – selecting a handful of young journalists whose work is deemed to go above and beyond the industry standard. The 30 To Watch Gold judges 2013 were: George Parker (Financial Times), David Wooding (The Sun), Lucy Manning (ITV), Lucy Bannerman (The Times), Sophy Ridge (Sky News) and Patrick Kingsley (The Guardian). Sophy and Patrick were MHP 30 To Watch Gold Award winners in 2012.

The 30 To Watch 2013 is:

Emily Ashton, The Sun
James Ball, The Guardian
Sophie Borland, Daily Mail
Michael Bow, City AM
Kaya Burgess, The Times
Susannah Butter, Evening Standard
Tina Campanella, Freelance
Peter Campbell, Daily Mail
Robert Cookson, Financial Times
Andrew Dagnell, ITV
Rachel Dalton, Professional Pensions
Anjuli Davies, Reuters
Dan Dunkley, Private Equity News
Adam Gabbatt, The Guardian
Emily Gosden, Daily & Sunday Telegraph
Ben Griffiths, The People
Josh Halliday, The Guardian
Isabel Hardman, The Spectator
Kathryn Hopkins, The Times
Dan Hyde, Daily Mail
John Kenchington, Investment Adviser
David Keohane, FT Alphaville
Hannah Kuchler, Financial Times
Ben Martin, Daily Telegraph
Simon Murphy, Daily Mail
Tom Rayner, Sky News
Juliet Samuel, The Times
Chris Spillane, Bloomberg
Michael Stothard, Financial Times
Jon Swaine, Daily Telegraph

Special Gold Awards were awarded to Emily Ashton (The Sun), Peter Campbell (Daily Mail), Isabel Hardman (The Spectator), Tom Rayner (Sky News) and Jon Swaine (Daily Telegraph). A new award for Young Campaigning Journalist of the Year was awarded to Kaya Burgess at The Times.

Congratulations to all our finalists, and in particular to our 30 To Watch and special award winners.