MHP Brexit Briefing

by MHP Communications

The days since Britain voted for Brexit have seen an extraordinary chain of events both in Westminster and in the City of London which are still reverberating around the world. The likelihood is that this period of uncertainty and turmoil will continue for some time.

With that in mind, we at MHP want to help our clients make sense of the situation. The MHP Brexit Briefing aims to give you an update of our latest thinking on what Brexit means, whatever sector you operate in, and should help you to make better informed decisions during this period of instability.  The Briefing is put together by our public affairs specialists who are monitoring developments closely and will use this briefing to give their view on the most significant developments.

We hope you find it useful, and if you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to please get in touch with MHP.



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May’s Cabinet to “clear up Brexit mess”



No ordinary reshuffle

Make no mistake about it.  This was no ordinary Cabinet ‘reshuffle’. Prime Minister May, over the course of three days, has effectively introduced a new Conservative Government.  From her ‘one nation’ statement of principles delivered on the doorstep of Downing Street, to the finer points of her Cabinet appointments and promotions, May has quietly but boldly turned the page on the compassionate conservatism of the Notting Hill set.

MHP Managing Director James Gurling looks at the make up of the May Cabinet.


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The quiet woman who turned down the volume

In communications, there has always been a bias towards action. writes MHP Managing Director Nick Laitner

The instincts of all communicators – corporate, political, consumer – when faced with a challenging issue is to want to be doing something, anything, regardless of whether that’s the best approach. Sometimes, it is. But sometimes, people fear a vacuum and feel the need to fill it. In the world of 24 hour news, content-as-king and focus on return on comms investment, it’s an understandable instinct.

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The Twitter fallout post Brexit

We analysed Twitter in the weeks before and after 23 June to find out who has come out best in the fallout of Brexit. We used two metrics in our analysis:

Popularity: analyses the sentiment of tweets (positive, neutral, negative) and creates an index, any score greater than zero means there have been more positive tweets than negative and vice versa.

Relevance: we looked at the volume of tweets including mentions of any of our key players.

This chart shows how our key players’ popularity and relevance has changed in the past two weeks rather than their overall standing. The change is measured from the week before the referendum (w/c 13 June) to the week after (w/c 27 June).


Brexit briefing artwork - conversation and sentiment chart (003)

Interesting take-outs from our research:

  • Johnson, Cameron, Farage and May dominate total volume of conversation over all three weeks
  • Tim Farron has had the biggest increase in popularity over the three weeks
  • However, he is consistently the most irrelevant – followed closely by Tom Watson
  • Nicola Sturgeon proved to be most popular during the referendum week
  • She has also had the biggest percentage increase in volume of mentions since the referendum (590%)
  • Nigel Farage’s popularity has managed to increase over the past three weeks
  • Despite a heavy drop in popularity, Andrea Leadsom is the only MP with a positive sentiment score post referendum
  • Jeremy Corbyn has been least popular post-referendum – Watson and Gove make up the bottom three



Brexit: Why the City must be brave

MHP Financial managing director Reg Hoare reflects on the implications of the EU Referendum vote for the City and what is required to respond to the new reality.

Two weeks on from Independence Day, the dust is slowly settling on the economic outlook.  There are now a number of known knowns: sterling has fallen significantly, the Chancellor and the Bank of England have taken pre-emptive action, economists have cut their forecasts for economic growth and uncertainty is a certainty.


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Memo hints at end to consensus

Speculation about a possible lurch to the right if Andrea Leadsom wins the Tory leadership race was fuelled by a Tweet showing what was supposed to be a memo outlining her campaign priorities. MHP’s Jonathan Lomax considers the potential impact of her vision for Britian.


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Brexit in numbers


Brexit briefing in numbers



Paul Burstow sounds Brexit warning

Paul Burstow, former Health Minister in the coalition government, has warned that the referendum result will lead to a period of sustained uncertainty politically and economically. Mr Burstow, who is an advisor to MHP Communications, said he believed that it was still impossible to predict the potential upheaval that the Brexit vote would bring to the country


Brexit and beyond – healthier alone?

Dean Sowman looks at the immediate impact of Brexit on the NHS and life sciences as Britain seeks a ‘conscious uncoupling’ with the European Union.

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Brexit: The Starting Pistol for a Tax Revolution

Jade Neal discusses the potential business tax implications of Brexit.

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Malcolm Harbour, former-MEP looks at the need for unity following Brexit

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You pays your money and takes your choice, but in which currency?

It may be too early to spot the real stock market winners and losers in the market fallout post the Brexit vote, but some sector themes are already emerging, writes Andrew Leach.

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Check the lifeboat is seaworthy. Why pensions face stormy waters post-Brexit

Pensions have been grabbing the headlines of late and for all the wrong reasons. From the assets to liabilities gap of the British Steel Pension Fund to the £571 million deficit in the BHS pension scheme the gloom in the sector is palpable. Andrew Fleming discusses Why pensions face stormy waters post-Brexit.
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Deborah Nash, Partner at cabinet DN on the implications of Brexit with Brussels

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