MHP Communications reveals MHP 30 To Watch 2016 winners

Awards recognise finest junior talent in media industry

MHP Communications has announced the MHP 30 To Watch 2016, the firm’s annual recognition of up-and-coming media talent.

First launched in 2012, the awards are now in their fifth year and help celebrate the influence and importance of young journalists who are making a difference to the UK media industry. The event aims to openly recognise the work of a number of journalists who have been noted for the impact they are making in their sector, for innovative or inspiring methods of covering news items, or who have recently started their career and have already made a large contribution to public interest.

Ian Kirby, Head of Media at MHP Communications said:

“Now in its fifth year, the MHP 30 To Watch continues to champion the rising stars of the media industry, and those who we believe will make the future for the sector particularly vibrant.

“This year’s journalist nominations were particularly strong – so much so that we had to award six Gold winners for the first time. We have been highly impressed by the quality of the longlisted journalists which the judges had to deliberate long and hard over to whittle down.

“We believe that there are too few champions of the UK media industry – and particularly of the contribution of young journalists. It is for this reason that we believe it so important to celebrate the achievements of young journalists today and the impact they continue to have – on their editorial teams, as well as online, on social media and most importantly; with their readers.”

A number of senior journalists, as well as previous 30 To Watch winners, contributed to the selection process as ‘Gold Award’ judges – selecting a handful of young journalists whose work is deemed to go above and beyond the industry standard.

The 30 to Watch judges were:

  • Emily Ashton (Senior political correspondent BuzzFeed and former 30 To Watch winner);
  • Peter Campbell (Motor Industry Correspondent at Financial Times and former 30 To Watch winner);
  • Adam Batstone (Head of Digital, MHP and ex-BBC journalist);
  • Ian Kirby (Head of Media, MHP)
  • Sophy Ridge (Senior Political Correspondent at Sky News and former 30 To Watch winner)

The 30 To Watch 2016 are:

Luke Jones, BBC, Producer

Amelia Butterly, BBC Newsbeat, Online journalist

Jamie Ross, Buzzfeed, Scotland Correspondent

Rossalyn Warren Buzzfeed Staff writer

Larisa Brown, Daily Mail, Political and Defence Correspondent

Andy Pearce, Financial News, Asset Management Reporter

Seb Payne, Financial Times, Digital Comment Editor

Conrad Quilty-Harper, GQ, News Editor

Tyrone Francis, ITV News, Broadcast Journalist

Vicki Owen, Mail on Sunday, Business Correspondent

Simon Murphy, Mail on Sunday, Reporter

Jessica Hamzelou, New Scientist, Biomedical News Reporter

Luke Lythgoe, Press Association, Staff writer on Snappa desk

Darren McCaffrey, Sky News, Political correspondent

Tara Mulholland, Sky News, Social Media Producer

Kate McCann, The Telegraph, Senior Political Correspondent

Marion Dakers, The Telegraph, Financial Services Editor

Sebastian Joseph, The Drum, News Editor

Jeremy Cliffe, The Economist, Bagehot columnist

Patrick Kingsley, The Guardian, Migration Correspondent

Sam Blackledge, Plymouth Herald, Chief Reporter

Caroline O’Donoghue, The Pool, Social Media Manager

Lee Price, The Sun, Feature Writer and Games Editor

Lauren Probert, The Sun, Reporter

Phoebe Luckhurst, The Tab, National Editor

Ben Riley-Smith, The Telegraph, Political Correspondent

Lucy Fisher, The Times, Senior Political Correspondent

Jamie Clifton, VICE, Deputy Editor

George Arbuthnott, The Sunday Times, Deputy Insight Editor

Marie Le Conte, London Evening Standard, Political Diarist

Special Gold Awards were awarded to George Arbuthnott, Simon Murphy, Darren McCaffrey, Lee Price, Larisa Brown and Rossalyn Warren.